Optimax UHD 51

For reference grade home theater

Get accurate and bright color with Optimax Projectors UHD 51. Whether you’re in a large venue, auditorium, house of worship, or a conference room, the PU9730 delivers 7,000 ANSI lumens, accurate, crisp, and long-lasting picture every time

UHD 51 Optimax Projector


Optimax UDH 51

Zoom, Focus, and Lens

The convenience and wide range of the Optimax UHD 51 powered zoom, focus and horizontal / vertical lens shift systems deliver perfectly proportioned images despite installation or placement challenges in any venue. Manual labor to relocate / reconstruct mounting locations is replaced simply by remote-control adjustments that allow omnidirectional adjustments to projection targets.

UHD 51 Optimax Projector